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Welcome to the Above the Coals BBQ Seasonings website. You will see some nice improvements on the site as compared to the past, and an even easier way to locate the blends that you love and want to purchase. Over the last year since we launched, Above the Coals has produced and is currently selling 6 different seasonings in our line up.  Here are the descriptions of our seasonings and what you can expect. 

Signature Classic: Made with a special blend of sugars and salt, that leads to a sweet, then salty taste…and then BAM…Smokey flavor. This is the EVERYTHING seasoning. This has been sampled on/in eggs, baked potatoes, and popcorn to all the meats. If you don’t want it spicy or burning, this is the one that’ll do. It was developed because we have young children and they don’t like anything “spicy” as they refer to it. So, instead of us eating the chicken wings and other meats with the spice and having to cater to the kids…Signature Classic was developed. It’s a favorite of many…great taste, great finish.
2 Alarm: This is the one when “Flavor-Town” opened; they let all the ingredients in. This recipe has the kitchen sink in it. With ingredients totaling 14, and all extremely flavorful, this mixture adds to the overall flavor when grilled or baked in the oven. This is also the only blend made with FRESH dehydrated green peppers. Done in house, and all handcrafted, these ingredients lend to the overall flavor. This is as it sounds, spicy but won’t burn you up. It has a nice kick, but a refreshing taste once you get the peppers and onions on your palette. What’s better than something on your food that enhances the flavor, it’s got fresh veggies in it, and puts a smile on your face after the first bite? 2 Alarm…Taste the flavors…but enjoy a bit of spice/heat.
The 617: The 617 is a special blend that is similar to the 2 Alarm, with some minor adjustments in heat because of the infusion of FRESH dehydrated jalapenos. The jalapenos add so much to the flavor notes of this seasoning that you will be looking forward to using it again and again. This is a great addition to chili, dips, meatballs, burgers, and your favorite BBQ!
Carolina Heat Wave: Carolina was developed and wasn’t even supposed to be part of the Above the Coals line. I brought this out after doing a different version of the “2 Alarm” and this was a hit. I was told to leave the other flavor and add this. This will put a beautiful crust on your smoked/BBQ fare. I love the peppery flavor and the heat that it brings. I have timed the heat and from first bite to nothing in my mouth, and it’s about 5 minutes. If you keep eating, the flavors will light up your mouth. Not as hot as some buffalo sauces, but this one will put some pep in your step. This is a keeper and one that people who like it spicy with some heat love it….because it won’t stay around long.
El Toro: As you may have noticed with our blends in this list, we have listed them in terms of what you can expect from a heat/spice level. El Toro is no different. With the infusion of orange habaneros into a completely new recipe, you will not only find the heat that a habanero seasoning should bring, but a flavorful mix at the same time. We can tell you one thing; this is spicy and hot, but those aspects don’t stick around long. We have seen this mix flavoring chili, dips, and all meats. Take the heat, and enjoy!
Lavanero: After some feedback we were told that the El Toro was absolutely perfect for the majority, but some said that they would like it a bit hotter! You asked, we answered! We’ve included 50% more habaneros in the mix. This isn’t for the faint at heart…but will bring the flavor as well. Heat and flavor, a perfect match!

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