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Baseball Opening Day Extra!

Opening Day

As a die hard baseball fan, the Opening Day of the MLB season couldn’t come fast enough… With that said, I love, love, love this time of year for a few reasons…

  • MLB Baseball
  • Being outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Warmer weather (although as I write this I can see the ground covered on 4/2/18 with snow from last night!!)
  • …and did I say baseball?

When your favorite team wraps up Spring Training and gets ready to start the regular season, I can only think of one thing…GRILLING! We love to grill on the #Weber for dinners and eating outside. We also like to watch the rivalry games on TV when our 2 teams meet. (Yes, we have a divide in this house!)

With the family loving burgers and wings as soon as the weather changes, it means lots of Signature Classic seasoning for that sweet and smokey flavoring that the kids like. Well. last year we introduced a NEW seasoning that is the HIGHLIGHT of our “April Extra.”

April Extra

To keep the theme with Opening Day and Baseball in general we named our latest seasoning “Fielder’s Choice” which is our alternative to our Classic without the “smoke flavor.” We use a beautiful Spanish Paprika in the blend and some other spices that will bring your BBQ/Grilling using our Fielder’s Choice to a new level!

Opening Day

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EVERY ORDER OVER $5 WILL RECEIVE A FREE SHAKER OF FIELDER’S CHOICE INCLUDED IN THEIR SHIPMENTS. No need to click anything or send us a note, we got this….when your package arrives, you will see the extra shaker in there on us!

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Thank you again for the continued support and we look forward to helping you get your outdoor season off the ground in tasty fashion.

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“The One Pounder”


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