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Summer Update 2105

Just a few things before we get into the meat and potatoes of our update!!


We are starting to slowly all items to our Clearance section on our Square Marketplace. To find all available items at a deep discount, please click on the Square Market tab and wait just a few seconds for the page to populate. You’ll find all the clearance items there under “Clearance.”

New Retailers:

We are still interested in retailers that would like to carry our product. Please use the “Contact us” tab to inquire about how to get us on your shelves!

Phasing out:

Starting in late 2014 we saw a dynamic increase in the amount of customers who were looking for quantity in the 1, 2 and 3 pounds or more category. The sales this summer (2015) have been a reminder that bulk is a great way to get a good amount and still be able to send a friend home with some because the BBQ was amazing! With this feedback and the support of the sales, we are going to be phasing out our Mason Jar category. We’ll set up a link to all the mason items that we have in stock and sell them off at great prices.

Moving forward:

Above the Coals will only be selling shakers and FDA approved food pouches (like the ones below) via our website and also to our vendors. An official  kraft bagsannouncement  on when the new Bulk Food Pouches are in stock will be made when they arrive. The current thought is to have our food pouches carry 3/5/7 ounces in the grey pouches they you’ll are familiar with, and the 1 and 2 lbs will be in out new kraft bags with oval cut out.

El Toro Food Pouch







In Closing…

We’ll also be making some changes to the website because of the products we’ll be carrying!!

Enjoy your Summer, and let us know how we can help!

Chris and Beth

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Check out our One Pounders!!

“The One Pounder”


The Classic One Pounder
Buy The Classic One Pounder here $25.99 

Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)

Our #1 seller!!

The 2 Alarm One Pounder
Buy the 2 Alarm One Pounder here $29.95 

Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)


The Carolina One Pounder
Buy The Carolina One Pounder here $28.95 
Shipped via USPS Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)
The 617 One Pounder
Buy The 617 One Pounder here $30.95 
Shipped via USPS Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)


The El Toro One Pounder
Buy The El Toro One Pounder here $33.95 

Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)

The Lavanero One Pounder
Buy The Lavanero One Pounder here $36.95 

Shipped via USPS (Flat Rate)

Empty shakers are available on our accessories page as well.

If you should have any questions about our seasonings, please email us at

All “One Pounders” include shipped in a USPS Flat Rate padded envelope.

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Featured Seasonings for October!

El Toro Shaker 5 oz.
 El Toro 5 oz. Pouch
El Toro 7 oz. Pouch
Lavanero Shaker 5 oz.
Lavanero 5 oz. Pouch 
 Lavanero 7 oz. Pouch 

We have discovered that this summer our El Toro really rivaled our #1 seasoning, Signature Classic. We received a lot of great feedback about the habanero flavor and how we didn’t make it that “hot” that you can’t taste your food. We didn’t want our seasonings to over power what you are going to eat. This’s is a great time to pick up some and don’t forget to use out coupon code”NJBBQ15″ for 15% off your entire order! Happy Fall!


(coupon code expires on Friday 10/31/14)

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New Retail Shaker Bottles

It’s been a long time coming, but the shakers that will be available in the stores are in. We are going to feature our #1 selling seasoning “Signature Classic”, our “Carolina Heat Wave”, and our latest creation “El Toro.” All shakers are foil sealed to maintain freshness, and equipped with a wide 5 hole top for ease of use.

For more information on how are blends taste, check out the home page by clicking on the top banner or here at

Retail 3 Pack: Our newest shaker bottles are available in stores now!

Retail 3 Pack $26.99


Signature Classic – A blend of sweet, a touch of salt and a great smokey finish. Great for everyone.


Signature Classic $9.95


Carolina Heat Wave – A blend that speaks for itself…it brings the heat and a full flavor. A true BBQ blend for everyone from the casual griller to the hardcore BBQ smoker!

Carolina Heat Wave $9.95


El Toro – Our delicious habanero based seasoning!

El Toro $10.95

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The Sampler Update!

“The Sampler”

As we near the completion of our 2nd Summer, we’ve been asked to expand our “Samplers” to include different variations. You asked and we are delivering! 

Our new lineup of “Samplers” include variations from our 6 blends that are currently offered.

Not just 1 Sampler….Now 5 to choose from!

The variations are as followed:

The Classic Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave

Buy The Classic Sampler here $26.95 

The Sweet and Sassy Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro

Buy the Sweet and Sassy Sampler here $27.95 

The Fab 4 Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave
3 oz. El Toro Buy the “Fab 4” Sampler here $27.95
Bring the Heat Sampler consists of:
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro
3 oz. LavaneroBuy the “Bring the Heat” Sampler here $28.95 
Make your own Sampler consists of:
Any (4) four 3 ounce food pouches you want. You can get 2 of one blend and 2 of another….or 1 and 3…whatever you want. if you want 4 of the same…No problem.Buy the “Make your Own” Sampler $29.99 

When checking out with PayPal please let us know what you would like as the combinations in your Sampler, or email us at

All Samplers are shipped in a USPS Small Flat Rat Box with FREE SHIPPING!