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Referral Month

Building a Business


Since our launch last year in April, we have been very pleased with the amount of chatter and referrals that we get from current customers. But, we are always looking for more. With all the grills that I see perched on decks when I am out and about, all I can think is that we should be in that spice rack or cupboard in that home. 

Building a business isn’t an overnight thing. We know that and our strategy has always been to proceed with caution and make great calculated moves with launch dates, new recipes, and also how we approach social media. We’re excited about 2014, and we are asking for your help to spread the word.

Social Media Strategy

Our strategy has always been to “show you” what we are doing and how it impacts how the product works. We have accomplished this through pictures, videos, and of course, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and our mailing list. Despite the fact that we have experienced this current Arctic chill, there are days in the Winter where the temps are suitable to get out and cook, and we are looking forward to getting to the smoker/grill and getting more content out there.

We also impress upon you to use our product inside the home when you are baking in the oven. Above the Coals goes beyond just the grill!

There’s more to just our online social media, so take it offline and tell someone about us!

Referral Month


ATC has been off to a great start to 2014 with our first few orders being new customers and repeats, as well as a shipment to the U.K. We want more. We know that all 7 seasonings are great and some are favorites of some and some are not, but we are asking you to tell someone that you know that we exist. We want your neighbor to post on our social sites how much they love the product and have you think to yourself…”I sent him/her there!”

As a test, till the 31st of this month (January), Above the Coals BBQ is offering a free 3 ounces to anyone who refers a NEW customer to us and they complete a purchase of at least 10 oz or more. The same discounts apply for the referred person. They can use “frozen20” for 20% off site wide and “Like” us on Facebook or circle us on Google + to see the other incentives offered for the month. 

When the NEW customer orders, please indicate at checkout who the person is who referred you and we’ll send them a free 3 ounces of one of the following. Please indicate a contact source for the person who sent you so we can get the 3 ounces to them that they like.

  • Signature Classic
  • 2 Alarm
  • The 617
  • Carolina Heat Wave
  • El Toro
  • Lavanero

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + as well!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and we look forward to building this customer base together (while sending out referral seasoning!)


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Monday Deal

Case of the Monday’s?

The one thing that we’ve done at Above the Coals is enhance a lot of food that is grilled/BBQ’d on the weekends. In an effort to make your weekends better, we are introducing our “Monday Deal.”

I know a lot of people (me included), that don’t care for Monday very much. I was thinking over the weekend if we did a Monday Deal, then everyone who buys from us can enjoy there weekends that much more by receiving a shipment from us…at a great price!

Here’s how it works and where you can find it!

Each and every Monday we’ll post a new deal on our Square Marketplace site where you can find all of our specials. This deal will be for one product and be limited from 1-10 units. Once the special is SOLD OUT, you will have to wait for next Monday to arrive to see what’s next. I would encourage you to act fast, because I can’t see these items lasting very long.

What are we featuring today on the Monday Deal?

We want to make your weekends better, but we don’t want to lose sight that the Holidays are less than 80 days away, so we had some Signature Classic in mind to kick off the Monday Deal!

Our Signature Classic is the staple of our line. Offering a taste that is great on everything from chicken to pork to steak and even veggies (some of the applications), we bring this seasoning to you with a “no heat” status, but delivering a sweet taste with a touch of salt, then a smokey finish. Classic is Classic and the review keep coming in from out friends on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

This deal originally goes for $18.99 on our website, but is offered today as part of our new “Monday Deal” for just $10.45!! (That’s 45% OFF!!!) Click on the picture/link below to purchase. Oh yeah,  there’s only 5 available at this price! Once SOLD OUT, the deal is gone! (This would make a great Xmas/Holiday gift!!!)

Monday Special! 12.5 oz Signature Classic Mason on Square Market

16 ounce Mason