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The Sampler Update!

“The Sampler”

As we near the completion of our 2nd Summer, we’ve been asked to expand our “Samplers” to include different variations. You asked and we are delivering! 

Our new lineup of “Samplers” include variations from our 6 blends that are currently offered.

Not just 1 Sampler….Now 5 to choose from!

The variations are as followed:

The Classic Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave

Buy The Classic Sampler here $26.95 

The Sweet and Sassy Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro

Buy the Sweet and Sassy Sampler here $27.95 

The Fab 4 Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave
3 oz. El Toro Buy the “Fab 4” Sampler here $27.95
Bring the Heat Sampler consists of:
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro
3 oz. LavaneroBuy the “Bring the Heat” Sampler here $28.95 
Make your own Sampler consists of:
Any (4) four 3 ounce food pouches you want. You can get 2 of one blend and 2 of another….or 1 and 3…whatever you want. if you want 4 of the same…No problem.Buy the “Make your Own” Sampler $29.99 

When checking out with PayPal please let us know what you would like as the combinations in your Sampler, or email us at

All Samplers are shipped in a USPS Small Flat Rat Box with FREE SHIPPING!

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BBQ product demo

Memorial Day weekend

Most holiday weekends we have plans with the family, but this year was a little different for all of us. We had the demo on Saturday, Sunday was a day to get the yard mowed and cleaned up, and Monday was a day at the parade and time with family. It really was a great weekend that started strong with the demo and finished with a nice cookout. The way anyone would want a holiday weekend to go…smooth!

Saturday at the Market

It all started about a month and a half ago where you start to think of all the things that you’ll need for a successful demo of a new product in the marketplace. This demo was no different than any presentation that I have done in my past. It’s trial and error and you have to go into it knowing that you’ll bring more equipment than will be used, but that’s part of the learning curve. So, last week we really put our production and work into full gear with making product for the demo at Pennington Quality Market.

We had everything in place and all we had to do was turn out some awesome BBQ for the shoppers in the market. I started to smoke 16 pounds of pork loin and did that for about 5 hours then wrapped them up and put them in 2 slow cookers. We ended up with 3 flavors from our Signature Classic, Carolina Heat Wave, and El Toro seasonings that all turned into some awesome pulled pork. Customers in store loved it and the taste of the seasonings. We were very pleased with the feedback, and even the one person that said our seasoning had no taste made us just laugh when we know she must have had no taste buds!

With new customers buying our product at the demo and an overall success, we scheduled a date of June 14th (Father’s Day weekend) to go back and showcase our seasonings again. We did notice that all the store employees were very nice and welcoming to us when we arrived and the entire time we were there.

Thank you!

Over the past few weeks the Above the Coals page on Google + had blown up, and I wanted to thank you for coming and circling us. We have a lot of specialty markets that have started following us and I would love to hear from those companies if you have interest in bringing in a new 100% handcrafted specialty product like ours. Reach out cause we’ love to hear from you!

I’ve always loved the power of social media if used right, and the one thing that we (ATC) needs more of is “shares.” If you see some of our content on Facebook, G+, Twitter…etc, and know someone that would like to see it too, share it!

Thank you to everyone that has taken this journey with us…the nice thing is…we’re just getting started.


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The 617 – Limited Quantities

The 617

Close to selling out…

Over the Summer of 2013, Above the Coals BBQ released a “limited edition” seasoning called “The 617.” This seasoning embodied everything that the name on the bottle represented. You see, the “617” is the area code Massachusetts and this was released on the day of the Boston Marathon.

While doing inventory…

I came across some stock that was behind some of our shakers with the same top. The remaining amount (less than 10) is available now through our Square Marketplace. (Link below)

When is it coming back?

It’s a question that we ask ourselves a lot here. We are currently getting ready for the launch of 2 new flavors, so this one could come back at any time. Either way, today is a great day to get a great deal on some very flavorful seasoning that will give you some pep in your step, give you the taste of jalapenos, and lead you to Flavor Town! Get some today at the Marketplace!
Above the Coals BBQ on Square Market

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