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New Mustard Dill with Garlic!

New Product Announcement – Dill w/Garlic Mustard!

We love new product announcements…

Here is it from Pilsudski Mustard – New Dill with Garlic Mustard!
If you have ever wanted the taste of a mustard mixed with the taste of a delicious dill pickle and other spices, here’s the winner! If you are a mustard fan, this’s one that you will have to try!

We’re going to give you a few options on the Dill with Garlic to start. Seeing where we just launched our newest seasoning the “Fielder’s Choice” (which is getting great reviews), we’re going to pair them up to get more for your $$! It’s grilling season, so get yours soon so you’re ready for the next cookout/BBQ!!

You get 2 shakers of Fielder’s Choice and 1 Dill with Garlic 12 oz.
Dill Mustard with Garlic


Burger/Hot Dog Mania Mustard pack!

Pilsudski 3

Get your burger or hot dogs tasting amazing with this amazing trio! This includes our newest Dill Mustard with Garlic!

Grilling 3 Pack

$19.95 with shipping.


Dill with Garlic 4 Pack!

Get a few for yourself and give a bottle or 2 away! Get the 4 pack below and shipping is always included!

Dill with Garlic


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New Retailers

Starting out…

Last year when Above the Coals wanted to show the world our creations, we never expected the response to our seasonings that they have received. We are truly grateful for the people around the globe that have purchased, used, and commented on what they love about our blends.

We never thought that we would have the chance to extend our products to retailers.

Where are we located?

In our first week of talking to companies about our product, we are proud to announce that are product is being carried in the following locations (so far!)

Arctic Foods- Meat Shoppe and Fresh Market
251 East Washington Ave., Washington, NJ 07882
Customer Service: 1-800.452.9173

Pennington Quality Market
25 Route 31 South
Suite X
Pennington, NJ 08534


Spread the word!

If you would like to see us carried in your local store, please tell the store manager that we exist and give them our web address ( and tell them to contact me, and let’s get the ball rolling! We are looking forward to a great Spring/Summer and we could use all the help we can to get our product on store shelves.

We’re also available through our “Contact Us” tab on the main page.

Again, thank you to everyone for the continued support of our tasty product!

Chris Kulturides