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Friends and Family Sales Event

April showers bring…

…a great sale to start off the month of May. With the monsoon in the Northeast gone and the warmer temps coming in, we are excited about the Spring and Summer. It can only mean one thing…Grill Season is now open! We have talked to many of you who are getting the yard in order, planting some flowers, buying gas for the mower…and all that good stuff! Oh yeah, and getting the grill ready for cooking outdoors and enjoying the season.

The 617 LabelAlong with the sales event

We are currently running a “guess the weight” contest for someone to win some “617” seasoning. If you aren’t familiar with The 617, take a look here on the website after ready the blog. You can check out the contest and “Like” our page on Facebook here.

For a shortcut to our latest email – (click on the picture of The 617  and it will direct you to the latest email that was sent out with our current sale offering!)

Email list

Over the past few days we have encouraged friends and friends of friends to sign up for our email list. We don’t email often, but when we do, the offer is always very good. Sign up today (in the right sidebar) and never miss a thing from Above the Coals BBQ/Grill Seasonings.

In other news!

We are offering Master Cases (8) boxes of 12 shakers (total 96) of our Signature Classic, Carolina Heat Wave and El Toro seasoning for retail customers who are interested in carrying our product. To inquire, email

Have a great weekend and grill on!!


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The Boston Marathon and The 617


It’s been a year since the horrible tragedy happened in Boston and the release of our “617” seasoning, which was released the morning of the race.

Growing up in Boston, and walking Boylston St. over and over again when I worked in the city, and as a visitor, you can only understand how much a tragedy hits home when it’s the city you love. Today we celebrate the anniversary of “The 617”, without forgetting what happened a year ago today.

617 Strong

The 617 Burger

Being released just a few days after launching our brand, The 617 has always had great commentary for the array of flavors to the fresh dehydrated jalapenos. We love this seasoning and what it does for our chicken, pork, beef, and our famous “617 burgers.” In honor of our anniversary of the release of the seasoning, The 617 will be available on sale on the website and at our Square Marketplace from now till Marathon Monday ( 4/21/14) at 10 pm EST. No coupon codes are required to get the sale price.

This is a great time to pick up some of this delicious seasoning and try all the different ways you can enhance your food! It works great in the oven, as well as on the grill or smoker.

Here are some direct links to where you can pick up some “617!”

The 617 and brats

The 617 Food Pouches on Square

The 617 Shaker on Square

The 617 Label

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Referral Month

Building a Business


Since our launch last year in April, we have been very pleased with the amount of chatter and referrals that we get from current customers. But, we are always looking for more. With all the grills that I see perched on decks when I am out and about, all I can think is that we should be in that spice rack or cupboard in that home. 

Building a business isn’t an overnight thing. We know that and our strategy has always been to proceed with caution and make great calculated moves with launch dates, new recipes, and also how we approach social media. We’re excited about 2014, and we are asking for your help to spread the word.

Social Media Strategy

Our strategy has always been to “show you” what we are doing and how it impacts how the product works. We have accomplished this through pictures, videos, and of course, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and our mailing list. Despite the fact that we have experienced this current Arctic chill, there are days in the Winter where the temps are suitable to get out and cook, and we are looking forward to getting to the smoker/grill and getting more content out there.

We also impress upon you to use our product inside the home when you are baking in the oven. Above the Coals goes beyond just the grill!

There’s more to just our online social media, so take it offline and tell someone about us!

Referral Month


ATC has been off to a great start to 2014 with our first few orders being new customers and repeats, as well as a shipment to the U.K. We want more. We know that all 7 seasonings are great and some are favorites of some and some are not, but we are asking you to tell someone that you know that we exist. We want your neighbor to post on our social sites how much they love the product and have you think to yourself…”I sent him/her there!”

As a test, till the 31st of this month (January), Above the Coals BBQ is offering a free 3 ounces to anyone who refers a NEW customer to us and they complete a purchase of at least 10 oz or more. The same discounts apply for the referred person. They can use “frozen20” for 20% off site wide and “Like” us on Facebook or circle us on Google + to see the other incentives offered for the month. 

When the NEW customer orders, please indicate at checkout who the person is who referred you and we’ll send them a free 3 ounces of one of the following. Please indicate a contact source for the person who sent you so we can get the 3 ounces to them that they like.

  • Signature Classic
  • 2 Alarm
  • The 617
  • Carolina Heat Wave
  • El Toro
  • Lavanero

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + as well!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and we look forward to building this customer base together (while sending out referral seasoning!)


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How to start off 2014 – With a great review!

Carolina PileWhat do we love as much as BBQ?

Answer: Rockin’ press coverage!

Yesterday we were graced with some great feedback and a stellar write up from Thomas Wilson from YouGottaEatThis (.com). Above the Coals started a relationship with YGET back last Summer when a sample of a few of the blends were sent to local chefs and the Signature Classic was tested. The feedback was excellent and outside of customer feedback, this was some great local coverage.

That article can be found HERE.   (June 29, 2013| By Cali du Blanc)


Chix Wings

Yesterday we were informed that a write up would be “featured” on the website, including some questions that were sent my way for an interview. You will find out a lot about the way I feel about our product, how I approach the needs of the company, and what I am working on. You will also get a feeling how Thomas at YGET felt about Above the Coals. We knew we weren’t just some ordinary seasoning you get off the shelf…and he agreed! 

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Chris Kulturides is the brains AND brawn behind Above The Coals Seasonings, a lineup of seasonings that has almost completely altered the way I approach grilling. When I was notified to keep an eye out for a package from Above The Coals, I was apprehensive due to the hundred upon thousands of self-proclaimed “best flavor ever” brands that pollute the marketplace….

We are very grateful for the coverage that we have received from Pete, Thomas and Cali at You Gotta Eat This (.com)

For the FULL READ of the latest review and “Feature” at YGET, Click HERE! (Thanks!)

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + as well!

Please take a read, comment over there and share our review!

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BBQ delight – the perfect gift!

Thinking back…

When a great sale comes up we tend to talk a lot about the past and where we were, and where we are now. In April of this year, we launched this delicious product which has transformed how many grill/smoke/BBQ. With Black Friday and the holiday’s fast approaching, we wanted to have some aggressive pricing for this sale as it we did in April when we launched ATC.

Some of the things that you have to look at when we were developing this product were the following:

(Remember these when you are shopping in the spice aisle…)

  • Do they use fresh ingredients? I doubted that….so we decided there was no other way. All fresh!
  • Do you know what those chunky things are in those mixes on the shelf that you are getting for short money? I had no clue…so I developed ATC!
  • Do you know when the bottle on the shelf was made? It is fresh? We didn’t think so….so we make your seasoning FRESH when you order it and get it out the very next day!
  • Do you enjoy your food KNOWING what you put on it/in it/around it is 100% fresh, when it was made and that it’s made with the passion of doing it all by hand.

ATC is 100% handcrafted and we would have it no other way. Our process is what gives you a seasoning that you can look at and enjoy the taste either from the jar or on your fare!

Get this deal this week and pick up one for the person that is tough to buy for this Holiday Season! Pick up $45 worth and receive free shipping!!

For a full description of what each blend’s description is, follow this link to our Facebook Page.

16 ounce Mason Above 16 ounce Mason

Signature Classic:

Product size: 12.5 ounces



2 Alarm:

Product size: 12 ounces



The 617:

Product size: 12 ounces

Not in production in this size any longer.


Carolina Heat Wave:

Product size: 11 ounces


IMG_9930Classic Pile

Carolina Pile 2 Alarm Pile

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