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El Toro on Sale

A delicious seasoning with the kick you’ve been waiting for! The “El Toro” is out habanero based seasoning that works well with all meats, veggies, chili’s and whatever else you want to add flavor too! Enjoy! This’s quickly becoming our #1 selling seasoning! Great flavor with not overbearing heat/spice!

Our SALE has ended. But you can still buy from this post!  

El ToroEl Toro Shaker 5 oz.


 El Toro 5 oz. Pouch


El Toro 7 oz. Pouch

****El Toro 1#Bulk****

El Toro Bulk

**New Packaging**

Our new packaging for our bulk sizes will accommodate 1, 1 1/2, and 2 lbs.

Kraft paper with thick barrier walls to hold in smell and a zip lock top to keep in freshness. All bags are shipped with a secondary heat seal as well.

 El Toro 1.5# Bulk


 El Toro 2# Bulk


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Memorial Day Sales Event!

BBQ Ribs

We are so glad to see Memorial Day 2014 arrive here in NJ after the cold winter that we experienced. There’s nothing better than putting on a good ole’ fashion sale for the kick off to Summer. Here’s what we have in store.

Before getting to the sale for this weekend, I want to remind everyone that Above the Coals will be at the Pennington Quality Market in Pennington, NJ (off RT 31) on Saturday 5/24 from 10:30 -2 pm. There will be an in store special along with the taste testing going on for our retail products. 

Here’s where you can get the entire line up on the website and more this weekend!The 617 and brats

UseMemorial14” at checkout on either e-commerce store for Above the Coals to save 22% on your entire order!

Because we utilize the Square Marketplace as well for online orders, please check out the following link to purchase your products on sale! Use the same code at checkout “Memorial14” to save 22% off your order! Our link to the Square Marketplace is here.

One of the SPECIALS we are putting on for the Summer is our Auto Ship Program for our Signature Classic on Square. If you order this weekend, you can receive 22% off and get 5 oz of Classic shipped to you in May, July, and in September. All for less than $19!! SUPER DEAL!!!!

For a look at the blog for our NEW SHAKER BOTTLES, click here!

So many great things going on for this kick off to Summer! We hope you take advantage of these awesome specials! More news coming in the next 2 weeks on something we have been working on this winter.

Have a great weekend and be safe….and BBQ/Grill on…..