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Free Mustard!!

Free Mustard!!

We are pleased to add a different size to the line up of Pilsudski Mustard’s. This is the 9 oz. size mustard with screw top. This’s only available in the Polish Style.

We are offering this to anyone who makes a purchase of $12 or more in Above the Coals Products (excludes shipping + while supplies last!). Just pick up some Above the Coals Seasonings and we’ll include this in your shipment “FREE.” (Retail value $1.99) One offer per customer. Offer good till SOLD OUT!!

Pilsudski 9oz

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El Toro on Sale

A delicious seasoning with the kick you’ve been waiting for! The “El Toro” is out habanero based seasoning that works well with all meats, veggies, chili’s and whatever else you want to add flavor too! Enjoy! This’s quickly becoming our #1 selling seasoning! Great flavor with not overbearing heat/spice!

Our SALE has ended. But you can still buy from this post!  

El ToroEl Toro Shaker 5 oz.


 El Toro 5 oz. Pouch


El Toro 7 oz. Pouch

****El Toro 1#Bulk****

El Toro Bulk

**New Packaging**

Our new packaging for our bulk sizes will accommodate 1, 1 1/2, and 2 lbs.

Kraft paper with thick barrier walls to hold in smell and a zip lock top to keep in freshness. All bags are shipped with a secondary heat seal as well.

 El Toro 1.5# Bulk


 El Toro 2# Bulk


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Free Shaker offer!

**9/4 – 9/6 Purchase any 2# Bulk, get a FREE shaker of Signature Classic!!**


We now offer all of our seasonings in a new 2# Bulk zip lock closure food pouch. Buy any 2# Bulk product and we’ll add a shaker of Signature Classic to your order for FREE. You don’t have to add anything to your cart….we’ve got it covered!

Bulk Packaging


Offer valid from Monday 9-4-2015 to 9-6-2015 at 10 pm EST.

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Labor Day Sale

Can you believe it’s going to be labor Day already? Where did the summer go? I guess we ask ourselves that every year…

So, we’ve decided that if the indication of a longer winter or shorter one is a groundhog…ours would be a sale!

From 8-27 thru 8-31 all purchases of our colored mason jars (blue or green) will ship automatically with a FREE SHAKER of Signature Classic!

This deal is ONLY available on our Square Marketplace (where our Clearance is located)

Please wait for the link to load – thank you!

ATC Square Marketplace

Pictures:Blue and Green Mason Heritage Series Heritage Series Green Mason Heritage Series Blue Mason

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The Sampler Update!

“The Sampler”

As we near the completion of our 2nd Summer, we’ve been asked to expand our “Samplers” to include different variations. You asked and we are delivering! 

Our new lineup of “Samplers” include variations from our 6 blends that are currently offered.

Not just 1 Sampler….Now 5 to choose from!

The variations are as followed:

The Classic Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave

Buy The Classic Sampler here $26.95 

The Sweet and Sassy Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro

Buy the Sweet and Sassy Sampler here $27.95 

The Fab 4 Sampler consists of:
3 oz. Signature Classic
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. Carolina Heat Wave
3 oz. El Toro Buy the “Fab 4” Sampler here $27.95
Bring the Heat Sampler consists of:
3 oz. 2 Alarm
3 oz. The 617
3 oz. El Toro
3 oz. LavaneroBuy the “Bring the Heat” Sampler here $28.95 
Make your own Sampler consists of:
Any (4) four 3 ounce food pouches you want. You can get 2 of one blend and 2 of another….or 1 and 3…whatever you want. if you want 4 of the same…No problem.Buy the “Make your Own” Sampler $29.99 

When checking out with PayPal please let us know what you would like as the combinations in your Sampler, or email us at

All Samplers are shipped in a USPS Small Flat Rat Box with FREE SHIPPING!