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Bulk Seasoning SALE

Looking for a great way to stock up for a while? Grab a 2 pounder! (with shipping included!)

Bulk Packaging – –  Bulk 2 Pounder


$45.00   Includes Shipping

2 Alarm

$49.00   Includes Shipping


$45.95   Includes Shipping

The 617

$49.95   Includes Shipping

El Toro

$52.95   Includes Shipping


$55.95   Includes Shipping

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New Mason Jar!

Heritage Series Blue Mason

Blue and Green Mason Heritage SeriesHeritage Series Green Mason

Mason Jars!!

Last Summer (2013) we introduced the Blue Heritage Series from Ball to hold 12 oz. of seasoning in it. Well, this Spring they (Ball) has done it again and introduced this great looking green jar for Spring.

We are filling up jars today and also offering a coupon code and 2 places on the web to get them. For here on the main website ( use coupon code “Goodwill15” for 15% off your order.

Square Marketplace

For our Square Marketplace e-commerce site, please use “Goodwill15” for 15% off your entire order as well. The coupon at Square is inserted on the last step at checkout.
Heritage Mason Jars at the Square Market

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Signature Classic BBQ SALE!

Easter SALE!!! Signature Classic BBQ Shakers ONLY. NO LIMIT. Over $2.00 off per shaker! These are in our NEW bottles as well. The label is water resistant and will wipe clean. No need to worry about the label staining. 

SALE runs till 10 pm EST 5/11! Get some!

For more information on how are blends taste, check out the home page by clicking on the top banner or here at


 Shakers to be capped

Signature Classic – A blend of sweet, a touch of salt and a great smokey finish. Great for everyone.Case lots

Signature Classic WAS $9.95



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Monday Deal

Case of the Monday’s?

The one thing that we’ve done at Above the Coals is enhance a lot of food that is grilled/BBQ’d on the weekends. In an effort to make your weekends better, we are introducing our “Monday Deal.”

I know a lot of people (me included), that don’t care for Monday very much. I was thinking over the weekend if we did a Monday Deal, then everyone who buys from us can enjoy there weekends that much more by receiving a shipment from us…at a great price!

Here’s how it works and where you can find it!

Each and every Monday we’ll post a new deal on our Square Marketplace site where you can find all of our specials. This deal will be for one product and be limited from 1-10 units. Once the special is SOLD OUT, you will have to wait for next Monday to arrive to see what’s next. I would encourage you to act fast, because I can’t see these items lasting very long.

What are we featuring today on the Monday Deal?

We want to make your weekends better, but we don’t want to lose sight that the Holidays are less than 80 days away, so we had some Signature Classic in mind to kick off the Monday Deal!

Our Signature Classic is the staple of our line. Offering a taste that is great on everything from chicken to pork to steak and even veggies (some of the applications), we bring this seasoning to you with a “no heat” status, but delivering a sweet taste with a touch of salt, then a smokey finish. Classic is Classic and the review keep coming in from out friends on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

This deal originally goes for $18.99 on our website, but is offered today as part of our new “Monday Deal” for just $10.45!! (That’s 45% OFF!!!) Click on the picture/link below to purchase. Oh yeah,  there’s only 5 available at this price! Once SOLD OUT, the deal is gone! (This would make a great Xmas/Holiday gift!!!)

Monday Special! 12.5 oz Signature Classic Mason on Square Market

16 ounce Mason