Reflections and a great deal…

2016 Recap:

Over the past few years we’ve seen growth, steady growth and growth in both our retail and wholesale business. We can’t thank our customers enough for seeing that we are WAY different than what you are buying off the shelves in the market or in big box stores. Our customers have told us a lot this year that just because you get a good deal on seasoning, doesn’t always mean that it is going to taste good or be a great value. We hit both marks. We will never be the least expensive on the shelf and we know that because with a few extra dollars we want to (and do) deliver quality in every ounce. We are as proud as the first day that we launched that we are a handcrafted seasoning that only uses the best ingredients.

Self Sustaining:

We were very excited to launch our 7th seasoning (Savina #7) this past November after a very difficult start to the growing season here in NJ. We’ve ramped up our goals for next year and will be around 150 plants in 2017. We will continue to grow what we put in our blends so that we know you are getting the best ingredients. We will continue to evolve and we’ll have some exciting things happening in the year ahead.

Moving forward:

After looking at sales in 2016, we have decided that we want to give back for the dollars that you spend with us month after month. So, starting now we’ll be keeping a log of your purchases and when you achieve certain thresholds you will be emailed a coupon code good for the entire year. The schedule will go as follows:


When a customer hits a transaction total amount of the following he/she will receive an email with a coupon code good for the following. The total never resets for the year and is not available for wholesale accounts.

  • Spend $100 and you’ll receive a 10% off code good for all of 2017
  • Spend $200 and you’ll receive a 15% off code good for all of 2017
  • Spend $350 or more and you’ll receive a code good for 25% off the rest of 2017.

This program will include all sites that sell our products. Our products can be found here at, at Above the Coals in our Square Marketplace site, and also at our store on ETSY.

New Year’s Sale: EXPIRED

From Now till January 4th, 2017 you can pick up this great deal that offers our top 3 products of 2016. Great deal. Offer expires 1/4/17 at 10 p.m.

New Year Trio 


Have a great New Years and we look forward to serving you in 2017!

Chris and Beth