Pilsudski Mustard

Above the Coals is excited to present to you the Pilsudski Brand of Mustard in 4 combinations!

The original Polish Style Mustard with Horseradish, Sriracha Mustard, Wasabi Mustard and the newest mustard – Sweet Hot, Mustard with Honey!


Sweet HotWith the Summer coming up, you’ll need at least 2 of these for your house and give 2 to some friends! You are going to love this mustard. Great as a condiment, dipping sauce, or even a great coating on your chicken. Delicious!

Pilsudski Mustard with Honey 4 Pack


2 Pilsudski Mustard with horseradish and 2 Wasabi Mustard (4) Pack 
2 Pilsudski Mustard with horseradish and 2 Sriracha Mustard (4) Pack 
Original and Wasabi copy Original and Sira copy
Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard and Wasabi Mustard 4 Pack 
Sira and Wasabi copy2
Pilsudski Mustard Variety (4) Pack 2/12oz Mustard with Horseradish & 1/12 oz Sriracha Mustard & 1/12 oz Wasabi Mustard
It’s a great time to pair up some ATC Classic and El Toro with these delicious mustards! (3 pack), one of each of the mustards, 5 oz of Classic and El Toro!


 Pilsudski Mustard Variety 3 Pack (Shown Above) 1/12oz Mustard with Horseradish & 1/12 oz Sriracha Mustard & 1/12 oz Wasabi Mustard

$18.95Pilsudski Logo
Signature Classic Bag-1Pilsudski_Group_High_Res__72172.1440000980.1280.1280El Toro Food Pouch

Signature Classic is 5 oz., not 7 oz. as shown in the picture above.


All Pilsudski products are good for one year from the date on the bottle. Please refrigerate after opening.

Above the Coals LLC is an authorized retailer of all Pilsudski LLC products. Use of photographs is prohibited without authorized written consent.

*All Pilsudski products will ship USPS Priority in a flat rate bubble mailer w/tracking at NO CHARGE!