How to start off 2014 – With a great review!

Carolina PileWhat do we love as much as BBQ?

Answer: Rockin’ press coverage!

Yesterday we were graced with some great feedback and a stellar write up from Thomas Wilson from YouGottaEatThis (.com). Above the Coals started a relationship with YGET back last Summer when a sample of a few of the blends were sent to local chefs and the Signature Classic was tested. The feedback was excellent and outside of customer feedback, this was some great local coverage.

That article can be found HERE.   (June 29, 2013| By Cali du Blanc)


Chix Wings

Yesterday we were informed that a write up would be “featured” on the website, including some questions that were sent my way for an interview. You will find out a lot about the way I feel about our product, how I approach the needs of the company, and what I am working on. You will also get a feeling how Thomas at YGET felt about Above the Coals. We knew we weren’t just some ordinary seasoning you get off the shelf…and he agreed! 

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Chris Kulturides is the brains AND brawn behind Above The Coals Seasonings, a lineup of seasonings that has almost completely altered the way I approach grilling. When I was notified to keep an eye out for a package from Above The Coals, I was apprehensive due to the hundred upon thousands of self-proclaimed “best flavor ever” brands that pollute the marketplace….

We are very grateful for the coverage that we have received from Pete, Thomas and Cali at You Gotta Eat This (.com)

For the FULL READ of the latest review and “Feature” at YGET, Click HERE! (Thanks!)

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