It goes with everything!

Not just for meat!

One of the things that I have come across since we launched the product to the public has been the “other” uses for our tasty BBQ spices. I have seen a variety of ways to enjoy the staple of the line, our Signature Classic as well as the various uses of our limited edition blend “The 617.”

When we were developing these spices mainly for smoking/BBQ’ing/Grilling meat of different types, we didn’t think that it would take on a life of its own. We have personally tried the Classic on popcorn, chips and cheese, nachos, mixed in with sour cream for dipping, and also on pizza to name a few uses. The 2 Alarm and 617 blends are great in pasta sauces, and chili’s for some added flavor.

To the Grill…

When thinking of the uses for the seasonings, our first thought was to get something that you WON’T see in your local market. It had to be different and had to be made by hand. Although most would think that by being solely handcrafted our spices would vary. Not at all. We use a method that ensures that all the spices that are produced are consistent and will taste the same time and time again when you head to the grill. Oh yeah, to the grill….With the focus so far on chicken, pork and beef, we have developed some great sessions with the likes of whole chickens, bottom of the round beef roasts, pork ribs, shoulders, and even pork brisket bones with the same quality that we stand for. Earlier this Summer, I did try some of different Above the Coals spices on some veggies, and they were so enhanced that we have been eating more veggies this year. The flavor that was added to rather bland vegetables made it enjoyable to eat with some spice on them, instead of just butter, salt, and pepper. It’s a must try.


What people are saying

Recently I received a message asking if I had ever tried Okra…I replied to a friend that I have known for a while that I had never eaten it, nor seen it in the markets here in the greater New England area. He said that it was something that he had to blog about because the outcome was something he had to share and included that the talk with his wife between innings of the Rangers game was about the Okra and how it tasted. Here is where you can find out more about how Above the Coals makes a difference in the food people are eating. For the blog post on Fried Okra –CLICK HERE.

Here is an excerpt of his post:

“So, as I was preparing the Okra I was thinking of things I could do differently to the batter that would give the Okra a different flavor.  Well, guess what was there in the spice cabinet starring me in my face?  Yes, it was my world famous 8oz shaker of Chris’ Above The Coals Seasoning.  The shaker was filled with his most popular selling flavor..and my personal favorite version of his product line..Signature Classic.”

Take a read of the recipe for his Fried Okra and leave him a comment. As he states and I will as well, Scot Duke is NOT a paid blogger, spokesperson, or representative of Above the Coals LLC. He is a friend, fan and user of ATC seasonings and talks about them when he has an experience like this. We truly appreciate it!

Classic Pile

(Signature Classic shown)

Our Signature Classic blend can be found on the Shop tab, The Sampler tab, both Mason Jar tabs, Shakers, and Bulk Packaging tabs. Come and try us today and let us know how we changed the way you enjoy your next meal with Above the Coals BBQ/Grill Seasonings.