Google + Seasoning Sale

This sale is EXCLUSIVE to Google + and the link that is provided here on the Above the Coals BBQ/Grill Seasonings company Page on G+.

We love Fall here in the Northeast and a SALE! We go through harsh winters, and can’t wait for summer…But this mild weather is a relief! Well, we are bringing some savings to our customers on G+ who love our #1 seasoning (Signature Classic) and our #2 seasoning, El Toro till Dec 6th @ 10 p.m. EST!!

OFFER ENDS Dec. 6th @ 10 pm EST

Use coupon code “bbqbeat15” to make the price $9.76!!

Buy these 2 shakers together and save $1.49 off our retail of $11.48! Get our 2 top seasonings for less then $10! Great pair for Xmas gifts, or for the person that you know who loves to cook. Our Classic brings full flavor without the spice/heat, and the El Toro has all flavor with the great taste of habaneros to raise the room temp a bit! A true dynamic duo!!

You’ll also get the 9 oz FREE Mustard as well in this deal!!

Signature Classic El Toro

Classic/El Toro Duo 


Offer is only good at and not on our Square Marketplace.