A delicious seasoning with the kick you’ve been waiting for! The “El Toro” is out habanero based seasoning that works well with all meats, veggies, chili’s and whatever else you want to add flavor too! Our #2 selling seasoning behind our Signature Classic. Enjoy!


El Toro(B2G1) FREE – 3 Shakers for the price of 2!

El Toro Shaker 5 oz.

$21.95 + S/H



 (2)El Toro 5 oz. Pouch
$22.95 + S/H

(2) El Toro 7 oz. Pouch

$28.95 + S/H

****El Toro 1#Bulk****

El Toro Bulk

**New Packaging**

Our new packaging for our bulk sizes will accommodate 1, 1 1/2, and 2 lbs.

Kraft paper with thick barrier walls to hold in smell and a zip lock top to keep in freshness. All bags are shipped with a secondary heat seal as well.

Half price shipping on all bulk sizes over 1#! 

El Toro 1.5# Bulk


 El Toro 2# Bulk