– Sale Finale departure…

Last year we were asked countless times to sell our products on and we did. We went through the process of getting through the “Gate keeper” at Amazon and was permitted to sell in the Grocery category. We marketed out products and let people we know we were there. We had a few sales here and there, but not to the extent that the engine of Amazon was hoping to take us. It was a let down for us quite frankly.

With that going on a decision was made back in Sept 16′ to exit Amazon after the holiday season. Well, today is the day that we were going to have all of our product shipped back to us and inventoried here. There was a hitch…removal fees and shipping charges. Both of them I was aware of…but .50 cents per unit to pack in a box and send shakers back? No..

So, I am going to pass on this REDUCTION in price to you. Head to and get a shaker of Classic, Carolina or El Toro at just $5.00 each and use your prime to get FREE shipping! I figure we’ll liquidate the stock rather than incur the removal fee. The original retail at Amazon was $7.69, so this is a great discount at $5 bucks! When the inventory is gone…we depart. Pick up a shaker and tell a friend! We’ll even add 2x your purchase price to your rewards account! Pick up all 3 shakers and spend $15 dollars and we’ll make sure you get $30 toward your first coupon for the year! Details are below as well!!

“Coals Kash” and Moving forward:

After looking at sales in 2016, we have decided that we want to give back for the dollars that you spend with us month after month. So, starting now we’ll be keeping a log of your purchases and when you achieve certain thresholds you will be emailed a coupon code good for the entire year. The schedule will go as follows:


When a customer hits a transaction total amount of the following he/she will receive an email with a coupon code good for the following. The total never resets for the year and is not available for wholesale accounts.

  • Spend $100 and you’ll receive a 10% off code good for all of 2017
  • Spend $200 and you’ll receive a 15% off code good for all of 2017
  • Spend $350 or more and you’ll receive a code good for 25% off the rest of 2017.

This program will include all sites that sell our products. Our products can be found here at, at Above the Coals in our Square Marketplace site, and also at our store on ETSY.

New Year’s Sale: EXPIRED

From Now till January 4th, 2017 you can pick up this great deal that offers our top 3 products of 2016. Offer expires 1/4/17 at 10 p.m.

New Year Trio