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July 4th


Our July 4th sale this year will include our Bulk Fielder’s Choice and Free 12 ounce mustards. Purchase any BULK size in the 1, 1.5 and 2# packages and receive a FREE 12 ounce mustard of your choice at NO CHARGE. Shipping is included as well! Get our soon to be #1 selling seasoning, Fielder’s Choice! (No heat and no smoked flavor as well). This is a well rounded seasoning that will bring your BBQ and in kitchen fare to new levels! Get some and see how much your family (especially the kids) love it!

Fielder's Choice Bulk

1# Pouch

$25.95 Free Shipping!

1.5# Pouch

$36.95 Free Shipping!

2# Pouch

$45.00 Free Shipping!


This offer has expired. You can still purchase Fielder’s Choice in bulk from the buttons above.

SALE!! Now through July 5th at 10 pm you will receive a FREE 12 ounce mustard with every 1, 1.5 and 2# BULK Fielder’s Choice. Offer valid only on BULK Fielder’s Choice.
Please add your mustard selection to the cart from the “Buy Now” buttons below.

Pilsudski 3

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New Mustard Dill with Garlic!

New Product Announcement – Dill w/Garlic Mustard!

We love new product announcements…

Here is it from Pilsudski Mustard – New Dill with Garlic Mustard!
If you have ever wanted the taste of a mustard mixed with the taste of a delicious dill pickle and other spices, here’s the winner! If you are a mustard fan, this’s one that you will have to try!

We’re going to give you a few options on the Dill with Garlic to start. Seeing where we just launched our newest seasoning the “Fielder’s Choice” (which is getting great reviews), we’re going to pair them up to get more for your $$! It’s grilling season, so get yours soon so you’re ready for the next cookout/BBQ!!

You get 2 shakers of Fielder’s Choice and 1 Dill with Garlic 12 oz.
Dill Mustard with Garlic


Burger/Hot Dog Mania Mustard pack!

Pilsudski 3

Get your burger or hot dogs tasting amazing with this amazing trio! This includes our newest Dill Mustard with Garlic!

Grilling 3 Pack

$19.95 with shipping.


Dill with Garlic 4 Pack!

Get a few for yourself and give a bottle or 2 away! Get the 4 pack below and shipping is always included!

Dill with Garlic


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Opening Day!

Opening Day!

This promotion has ended. You can still purchase this at the bottom of the post. 

Today and today only you can pick up our baseball themed seasoning “Fielder’s Choice (New as of March 1st!). This seasoning is our “everything” seasoning because it can go on EVERYTHING! This seasoning starts off sweet and ends will a tasty blend of spices and a pinch of salt…delicious! Regular price on this is $9.95, so today you can get a shaker or 2 of our Fielder’s Choice for just $4 + $1.95 shipping on this item. This special will end at 11 pm EST on 4/3/2017. No coupon codes available today. Get some and start your season off right!!!

Fielder’s Choice Shaker 5 oz.

This promotion has ended. 


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New Product Announcement – Fielder’s Choice

New Product Announcement

Over the past 4 years we’ve come up with some delicious blends that include our 617 blend, El Toro and most recently, our Savina #7 that brings the heat!. With more creations to come, we have listened to our customers and some of the feedback has been that despite our seasonings being very tasty and not overly powerful in one area, the smoked paprika has been the one thing that we hear the most about. You aren’t the only ones that hate the “kickback” so we have changed out the paprika on this one and went with a regular paprika and brought the same taste as you are used to in our #1 selling seasoning, the Signature Classic.

Here is our label for the new seasoning that will come out on March 1st.

The pre-sale has ended. You can still buy from this page as well as out Fielder’s Choice Page under “Seasonings.”

You’ll get the following:

(1) Shaker Fielder’s Choice 5 oz.
(1) Shaker Signature Classic 5 oz.
(1) Pilsudski Polish Style Mustard with Horseradish 12 oz.
(1) Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard 12 oz.


If you want just the Fielder’s Choice – You can purchase that here!

Single Shaker – Fielder’s Choice


Fielder's ChoiceAbove the Coals Classic and Pilsudski Mustard

Use of any photographs without the consent of Above the Coals LLC is prohibited. Above the Coals is an approved retailer/distributor of the Pilsudski Brand of mustard.

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Dinner out and new accounts


Above the Coals BBQ/Grill Seasonings now being used at Taphouse15 in Wharton, NJ.

We were glad to get our seasonings into a local NJ eatery (a beautiful restaurant) and be on the menu with specials made exclusively by the Executive Chef. In the last few weeks we have been used in a variety of soups and also in a chicken sandwich special which sold out!

We are looking forward to where we are going and what creations are coming. We’ve been told that we’ll be a part of the specials and even some spots on the menu. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Chef Max and Taphouse15.

Dinner Out:

After hearing that our seasonings were being used in the Taphouse15 menu, we took advantage of “dinner out” night last Saturday and wanted to take in the experience at Taphouse15.

A few things that caught my eye right away were that they offered complimentary valet parking on Saturday night (and we’re not sure what night they offer that service), but it was nice to get out of the car and not have to worry about where to park and how far away we would be from the front door in 30 degree weather.

We walked in and it was busy…busy to the point that there were a lot of people waiting and we (thank god) had a reservation. We were seated near the bar where you were actually able to have a conversation with the people in the booth. We had the beer cheese pretzel appetizer and the ladies had the turkey Panini’s.

  • Beer Cheese & Pretzels IPA Infused Beer Cheese, Hot Bavarian Pretzel Sticks 9
  • Turkey Panini – Thinly Sliced House Smoked Turkey, Crispy Bacon, Smoked Mozzarella, Arugula, Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, Pressed Ciabatta 12

I decided on the Whiskey BBQ Ribs…which were out of this world. They arrived with fries and coleslaw and a side of ketchup. I would recommend them if you ever go there for dinner out.

  • Whiskey BBQ Ribs Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw, Boardwalk Fries 24

Overall, I am looking forward to going back again and will keep everyone updated on when we have featured dishes on the menu.

For a look at the Taphouse15 menu, CLICK HERE.