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The mark of quality

Questions answered…

We have been asked by many from different conversations about how we operate and what are standards are. As it’s been stated since we started to sell our seasonings to the public, we maintain that our quality standards, for a small company, are very high. Because we are completely handcrafted, we have an eye on everything. We buy the best spices for the seasonings without settling for the same ingredients at lower prices. We have maintained our process for quality for the product and what we deliver from the get go. But, it goes a lot further.

Doing the right thing…

In addition to the standards that we set with our process to manufacture the best BBQ seasonings on the market, we also take a lot of pride in our sanitation and sterilization efforts. I will point out, you won’t see any other company telling you this, because it’s just assumed. We don’t assume anything, and we are proud to share it with you. Doing the right thing for us includes making sure that out work areas are extremely clean, clear of clutter, and always dry. Also, we make sure that the hardware that we are using is clean and always sterilized before every batch is made. We take the health and safety of others and make it paramount to how we operate. As you will see in the picture posted here, we also take a step to make sure that ALL of our mason jar products are sterile. We insert all of our glass into the ovens at a temp of a little over 250 degrees along with the rings, and we bake them for at least 12 minutes. This way, you are assured to be getting your product in a container that is perfect to accept our product, and also for you to receive it. This standard is what can make or break a company no matter what the size, and we make it a point to put our standards extremely high.

On that note…

JarsNow that you know how we like to operate, it would be a pleasure to have you as a customer and experience how great our product is from start to finish. We think you’ll be impressed. We are!

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It goes with everything!

Not just for meat!

One of the things that I have come across since we launched the product to the public has been the “other” uses for our tasty BBQ spices. I have seen a variety of ways to enjoy the staple of the line, our Signature Classic as well as the various uses of our limited edition blend “The 617.”

When we were developing these spices mainly for smoking/BBQ’ing/Grilling meat of different types, we didn’t think that it would take on a life of its own. We have personally tried the Classic on popcorn, chips and cheese, nachos, mixed in with sour cream for dipping, and also on pizza to name a few uses. The 2 Alarm and 617 blends are great in pasta sauces, and chili’s for some added flavor.

To the Grill…

When thinking of the uses for the seasonings, our first thought was to get something that you WON’T see in your local market. It had to be different and had to be made by hand. Although most would think that by being solely handcrafted our spices would vary. Not at all. We use a method that ensures that all the spices that are produced are consistent and will taste the same time and time again when you head to the grill. Oh yeah, to the grill….With the focus so far on chicken, pork and beef, we have developed some great sessions with the likes of whole chickens, bottom of the round beef roasts, pork ribs, shoulders, and even pork brisket bones with the same quality that we stand for. Earlier this Summer, I did try some of different Above the Coals spices on some veggies, and they were so enhanced that we have been eating more veggies this year. The flavor that was added to rather bland vegetables made it enjoyable to eat with some spice on them, instead of just butter, salt, and pepper. It’s a must try. Continue reading It goes with everything!