Fielder’s Choice

Over the past 4 years we’ve come up with some delicious blends that include our 617 blend, El Toro and most recently, our Savina #7 that brings the heat!. With more creations to come, we have listened to our customers and some of the feedback has been that despite our seasonings being very tasty and not overly powerful in one area, the smoked paprika has been the one thing that we hear the most about. You aren’t the only ones that hate the “kickback” so we have changed out the paprika on this one and went with a regular paprika and brought the same taste as you are used to in our #1 selling seasoning, the Signature Classic.

Fielder's Choice Shaker 5 oz.

B2G1 - Free Fielder's Choice
(3) Fielder's Choice Shakers!

$13.98 + S/H

1/2 Case (6) Fielder's Choice - Save 10%
$37.75+ S/H

Full Case (12)Fielder's Choice - Save 12.5%
$73.40+ 1/2 price s/h!
This was such a great deal that we didn't want you to have to buy it a la carte!
Get the set today and have the best of both!

You'll get the following:

(1) Shaker Fielder's Choice 5 oz.
(1) Shaker Signature Classic 5 oz.
(1) Pilsudski Polish Style Mustard with Horseradish 12 oz.
(1) Pilsudski Sriracha Mustard 12 oz.

Fielders Choice
New food Pouch Labels! YES! We are pleased that you can get the silver pouch with either 5 or 7 ounces in it.
Label side
357 Bag
Window view
Seasoning View
Because we want you to get more for your shipping charge, our pouches will be sold in multiples. All pouches are double sealed for freshness. Keep a few on hand so you don't have to order multiple times!

(3) 5 oz. Food Pouches
$15.00 + S/H

(2) 7 oz. Food Pouches
$14.00 + S/H
Fielder's Choice Bulk

1/2 Price shipping on Bulk 1# and larger!

1# Pouch
$27.95 + S/H

1.5# Pouch
$36.95 + S/H

2# Pouch
$42.00 + S/H

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