The 617 is a special blend that is similar to our 2 Alarm, but has a stepped up amount of heat and spice with our fresh dehydrated jalapenos included! Try some today!

Our 617 food pouches in the 5 and 7 ounce sizes will ship with an empty shaker bottle and cap.

Our 3 ounce size DOES NOT ship with an empty shaker.
The 617 Food Pouch

The 617 Food Pouch 5 oz. 

The 617 Food Pouch 7 oz.

The 617 Label
The 617 1# Bulk

The 617 Bulk

The 617 1.5# Bulk

**New Packaging**

Our new packaging for our bulk sizes will accommodate 1, 1 1/2, and 2 lbs.

Kraft paper with thick barrier walls to hold in smell and a zip lock top to keep in freshness. All bags are shipped with a secondary heat seal as well.

The 617 2# Bulk

Free empty shaker bottles only ship with our 5 and 7 ounce pouches. They do not ship with bulk sizes of 1 lb. or more.