Signature Classic

For the past 4 years our Signature Classic has been our #1 selling seasoning that is loved by kids, adults and even a few awesome BBQ teams. We’ve been featured on You Gotta Eat This.(com) and this is one seasoning that is great all year round…in the oven or on the grill/smoker!

Classic Shaker

SAVE 15% - Buy in bulk!!

Classic Shaker Case (12)
$55.99+ FREE S/H

That's 3.75 lbs. of seasoning! Pick up a case and share with friends!!
Classic 3 oz. Pouch

Classic 5 oz. Pouch

Classic 7 oz. Pouch

Classic 1# Bulk
**New Packaging**

Our new packaging for our bulk sizes will accommodate 1, 1 1/2, and 2 lbs.

Kraft paper with thick barrier walls to hold in smell and a zip lock top to keep in freshness. All bags are shipped with a secondary heat seal as well.
Classic 1.5# Bulk
$33.75+ S/H

FREE shipping on 1.5# and 2# Pouches!
Classic 2# Bulk
$45.00+ FREE S/H